Video of the international festival “a community – many cultures”

This film was produced by Lena P. during the international festival “A Community – Many Cultures” at the Lifehouse on June 5, 2016. To this festival came several hundred visitors from over 20 nations who laughed together, played, danced and made Musical instruments or toys.

What donations are currently most helpful?

For our refugees in Stemwede, we are currently looking for:

– Winter pullies and winter jackets all sizes
– Winter shoes all sizes
– Caps, scarves & gloves all sizes
– Fashion jewelry
– Please keep the summer clothes for us until spring, since we do not have enough storage space. Thank you.

You can donate your donations every Wednesday in our camp in Westrup
(Westparker Str. 15) from 6.00 pm to 8.00 pm.
You can also help us with your help.

Questions concerning the current requirements can be sent to us at
We would like to thank all Stemweder citizens for their great support.