The Stemwede Refugee Aid supports asylum seekers and refugees in the Stemwede community on a voluntary and full-time basis. In the future, this page will provide all information for newcomers to our community. But it is also a place for all people who would like to support us in this work with advice, support, materials or money.

We disseminate the latest information on the topic of “New in Stemwede” via our WhatsApp channel, refugee aid Stemwede. Feel free to follow him – just scan the QR code on the right. If you have information that we would like to share there, please use the contact options on this page.

Our “Schöne Dinge” clothing store is open every Wednesday from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. Here you can find free clothing, games and everyday items. We are also happy to accept your donations at this time. You can find us in Wehdem, Am Schulzentrum 8 (In the former main school building with the entrance in the parking lot of the VHS and police station.)